20ft reefer container for sale in oakland


All units are 1-Trip Reefer Container in Good Condition

16 Units available for sale at special price

Location, ITS ConGlobal Depot, Maritime Street, Oakland, California.

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Tradecorp has sixteen reefer containers in a one-trip condition available now in Oakland. A One-trip refrigerated container is a container that used only once to ship cargo.


Manufactured in June 2021 and fitted with a Thermoking cooling machine, these reefer container can reach - 40°F /- 40°C in +122°F/+50°C. Other features of this cooling machine is the Fast pull-down, Digital temperature control, Low Energy Consumption, and More Eco Friendly refrigerant gas. These reefers are ready stock and available now in ITS ConGlobal Depot, Oakland, California. Tradecorp is providing WHOLESALE prices to the public. These Refrigerated Containers are also available for RENT.


Max Gross Weight
67,200 lb
30,480 Kg

Tare Weight

6,260l lb
2,840 Kg
Net (Max Payload)
60,940 lb
27,640 Kg
1,003 Cu feet
28.4 Cu meter

Other Information

Stock Available
June 2021
555A Maritime Street Oakland, California 94607
Cooling Engine
Thermo King
Lowest Temp
- 40°C in + 50°C ambient environment
Other Features
Fast pull-down, Low Energy Consumption


Fruits and vegetables

This is the most common use of reefer container. Fruits and vegetables are mostly transported by ship, truck, and train. And sometimes by air. Banana is one of the most common commodities shipped in reefer containers.

Meat and poultry

Meat and poultry are also one of the largest products that are shipped abroad inside a refrigerated container. Meat and poultry consumption varies from one country to another, some countries import meat and poultry products while other countries are exporting them. Meat and poultry can be stored for extended periods under the right temperatures.


Seafood is a temperature sensitive commodity and requires accurate and stable temperatures. With a set point of -40f, Tradecorp refrigerated containers are the perfect solution for transporting frozen Lobsters & high grade Tuna.

20ft Refrigerated Container is one of the most popular choices, offering both efficiency and compactness while still offering a large storage space. It has a simple and modern design. Our refrigerated storage containers are available for sale in Oakland.

This container is a perfect choice for you when you need a thermally controlled space for freight or storage use. We are offering one-trip units. These units are in good condition.

This 20ft Reefer Container offers some features as standard. The interior surfaces of the container are made of stainless steel and aluminum, so they are easy to clean. Lockable doors and forklift pockets are also useful.

With a digital controller, the temperature can be kept within the desired range, this unit provides a fantastic cooling ability. It is suitable for storing food and other temperature-sensitive cargo. Reefer containers can store a broad range of products.

As portable units, they are suitable for long-term as well as short-term use. For example, storing on-site temporary stock for a short period like during high season or events. As an intermodal unit, 20 feet of refrigerated containers can be transported by truck, train, and ship. So, it can be delivered to any major or small city across the country.

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