20' Refrigerated Containers

20’ Refrigerated Container is suitable for companies in need of a compact yet dependable refrigerated containers which can also be added with new features to accommodate the specific needs of the customers.

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20' Refrigerated Containers USA for sale and rent

Multiple Purposes 20' Refrigerated Container

Proper air circulation is fundamental in maintaining the items inside the container fresh. Thus, this unit is composed of a T-Bar floor, an adjustable cooling machine, air circulation fan, and baffle plate that provide a free-flowing air exchange inside the refrigerated container. 

In general, the “warm” air is drawn off from the inside of the container, cooled in the refrigeration unit, and then blown back into the container as cold air.

To ensure adequate circulation of the cold air, the floor is provided with T-Bar shapes. This will allow pallets to form an additional space between container floor and cargo, so also forming a satisfactory air flow channel. In addition, the side walls of the container are “corrugated”, which ensures satisfactory air flow there too. 

In the upper area of the container, adequate space must likewise be provided for a constant airflow. For this purpose, during the packing of the container adequate free space must be left above the cargo. The maximum load height is marked on the side walls. 

To ensure vertical airflow from bottom to top, packaging must also be appropriately arranged and the cargo must be sensibly stowed.

20’ refrigerated containers functions as most refrigerated containers. It is used to store temperature-sensitive goods. It is equipped with cooling machines to preserve the items inside the unit longer, especially for highly perishable products such as medicines and foods. Various modifications can be applied to add more advantages to it.

The 20’ refrigerated containers unit is available in various sizes and refrigeration units to accommodate the need for a refrigerated container in an existing warehouse or vacant land with specific needs.

This type of 20’ refrigerated containers is designed with 20’ long (6 m), 8’ wide (2,4 m), and 8.6’ (2,6 m) tall, allowing this refrigerated container to transport goods in relatively delicate amounts. This type of refrigerated containers for sale is able to manage a controlled temperature in long-distance shipping, making it a convenient choice for transferring temperature-sensitive items whether it be food products or non-food products.

It is composed of stainless steel on its interior and exterior and corten steel for other parts such as the corners, top rails, and bottom rails to enhance the container’s endurance and strength to a maximum.

This container has a computerized control system that allows you to manage the temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

This type of refrigerated container can be upgraded by adding some features whether it be an internal or external modification, for example by adding additional doors and locks, storage shelves, ventilation, and interior and exterior lighting, according to the buyers’ request; which is highly influenced by the companies’ storage needs to accommodate the products.

20’ refrigerated containers is a compact yet spacious cold storage unit that can be transported by trains, trucks, and ships though it can also be used as on-site storage. 

Various other uses of this type of container are from food and beverage storage and manufacturing, farming, and breweries, and material testing to holding events and festivals.

This unit provides several refrigeration machine options such as Daikin, Carrier, and Thermo King. The temperature range is between -40°C (-40 °F)  to 30°C (22°F) for the Thermo King, -35°C (-31 °F) to 30°C (22°F) for Carrier, and -30°C (-22°F) to 30°C (22°F) for Daikin. 

To make sure the product is permissible for international activities, in brand new condition this unit is also stamped with a CSC plate. With an active CSC plate that lasts for five years, you will be able to use the container for international shipping purposes. 

Furthermore, we can include this 20’ Refrigerated Containers with some accessories to suit the customers’ needs. For instance, your container can have an alarm lamp for emergency purposes or a curtain to prevent the temperature from dropping steeply when the door is being opened. 

Additionally, you can also customize this container to have a flat floor to accommodate trolley loading/unloading. 

Refrigerated containers are growing in demand these days as it is critical for on-site storage and transporting temperature-sensitive items. Choosing a refrigerated container for specific needs can be a daunting task without proper knowledge about its specification; as each size accommodates different needs of the buyers.

20' Refrigerated Containers for Sale

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