40' HC Refrigerated Containers

One of the most in-demand types of refrigerated containers (reefer) is the 40’ High Cube refrigerated container as it is constructed with dependable features to accommodate the storage of large capacities for temperature-sensitive items.

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40 High Cube Refrigerated Containers

40' HC Refrigerated Container for Shipping and Storing

40′ HC Refrigerated Containers is designed to be 40’ long (12 m), 8’ wide (2,4 m), and 9.6’ (2,9 m) tall, making it suitable for transporting perishable items such as foods and non-food products in large quantities. It will keep the products’ freshness and qualities intact inside the refrigerated container within a specific regulated temperature.

These 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers units are ideal for storing and transporting goods at cold and hot temperatures. These units use a simple ‘plug and play’ power input, which allows the units to be powered electrically in a quick and efficient manner or can be powered through a diesel powered generator

Given the broad dimensions of 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers, it is reliable not only for its larger storage space but also for its ample supply of cold air that will keep the items inside the refrigerated container fresh. Its free-flowing air exchange inside the unit is for the most part enhanced by a T-Bar floor and cooling machine. 

This type of refrigerated container like 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers is equipped with a cooling machine such as Daikin with the temperature range of -30°C (-22°F) to 30°C (22°F), Carrier Primeline with the temperature range of -35°C (-31 °F) to 30°C (22°F), and Thermoking Magnum+ with the temperature range of -40°C (-40 °F)  to 30°C (22°F). Oftentimes, temperature reach is varied for different brands. The lower the bottom temperature in a cooling machine the better it is to preserve the items inside the refrigerated container.

To accommodate buyers’ specific needs, this type of refrigerated container use 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers can be customized with additional flat floors, emergency exit doors, etc. While it also provides modification by adding some supporting features such as a curtain, aluminum rail track, alarm lamp, led lamps. Our 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers units can also be fitted with GPS tracking systems and remote satellite temperature functionality allowing the container temperature to be monitored and configured remotely.

Keeping your item’s or cargo’s temperature consistency is vital. If You are a part of the cold chain industry, you realize that it is so essential to keep a steady temperature with 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers

40′ HC Refrigerated Containers is manufactured with stainless steel walls, drains, and a weathertight door with its functions to make a seal and to keep the cool air inside.

A Container Safety Convention (CSC) plate embossed on the container will last for five years since it was first issued. The presence of this plate is necessary to confirm that 40′ HC Refrigerated Containers the unit needs to maintain a high level of safety and to indicate that it is eligible for international shipping.

40′ HC Refrigerated Container is also produced in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. Thus, it is reliable for both on-site and transported storage for temperature-sensitive goods to prevent them from quality decline.

40′ HC Refrigerated Container is equipped with a digital controller placed at the front part of the container to set an intended temperature, humidity, and ventilation. T-Bar floor and air circulation fans to maintain a free-flowing supply of cold air inside the unit. With the outstanding features of this unit, it makes the product a superior choice for a refrigerated container.

40' HC Refrigerated Containers for Sale

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