Thermo King Magnum Plus

These days, ThermoKing Magnum+ is rising in demand. It follows its undeniably superior performance that can preserve items even in an extreme climate. This type of refrigerated container is critical for doing food supply chain for effective distribution and coordination between producers and sellers.

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The Thermo King Magnum+ : resilience refrigeration unit

ThermoKing Magnum + is the right choice if you are looking for a refrigerated container that can also be able to easily modified to accommodate the specific needs of their companies. The unit comes in an ergonomic design that concerns people and how they might interact with something.

Given a simple design, it makes the unit easy to maintain and has long endurance. In addition to it, the product is also manufactured in compliance with ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) standards.

The Thermo King Magnum+ comes with a dependable temperature regulation that retains the load inside the container at a controlled temperature within -40°C to 50°C. Within this temperature range, it is able to preserve temperature-sensitive goods longer, making this type a great fit for storing perishable foods and non-food products. 

It is equipped with a cooling machine that cools the room inside the freight within the intended temperature faster with even temperature allocation. This refrigerated container is licensed with a CSC plate that allows the unit for international shipping.

ThermoKing Magnum is able to accommodate 25% more loads with less power and energy consumption by 30% compared to its competitors. This unit can be modified into several dimensions and sizes according to buyers’ requests to accommodate the products’ storage needs. Possible modifications and configurations using 20ft, 20ft HC, 40ft, 40ft HC. 

Thermo King Magnum is built to persevere even in varied environmental adversities by equipping its unit with a reliable refrigeration unit and scroll compressor from stainless steel. Using ThermoKing Magnum reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption by minimizing the cost of restoring the chambers for instance with 15 years of successful operation even within extreme temperatures and unfavorable circumstances.

Thermo King comes with established fresh air exchange and regulating system, The Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus with AVL (Air Vent Logging) to track the air circulation inside the container especially the composition of carbon dioxide that can potentially damage the container in excessive amounts. 

Free-flowing fresh air exchange is critical to maintaining fresh and well-preserved items inside the containers, especially for perishable items whether it be food products or non-products.

This reefer container unit has a Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM+) feature that provides users with the ability to monitor containers. In addition, this advanced technology is manufactured with environmentally friendly cooling machines for the transportation sector.

ThermoKing refrigerated container comes with an advanced cooling system with a Remote Monitoring Modem (RMM+) that allows the buyers to oversee containers. It has a high cooling capacity that reassures the quality of the items inside the refrigerated container in transportation.

This type of refrigerated container also comes in varying sizes and dimensions, allowing it to accommodate loads in especially large quantities. It is undoubtedly one of the safest choices for a refrigerated container.

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