Xpanda Reefer

The Xpanda reefer is cold storage made from several refrigerated containers. It is the most suitable product if you need cold storage that is fast to build and fast to disassemble.

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Xpanda Reefer

Xpanda Reefer: a customizable cold storage

Nowadays, a customizable refrigerated container (reefer) is growing in demand as it is designed to adjust to the buyers’ needs. It is critical to preserve the quality of products, especially for temperature-sensitive goods which can be easily damaged by the temperature shifting during long storage. 

The Xpanda reefer is cold storage made from several refrigerated containers. It is the most suitable product if you need cold storage that is fast to build and fast to disassemble. Therefore, this type of cold storage is a valuable asset in the modern food supply chain for cost-effective distribution. Xpanda Reefer is the right product if you are looking for cold storage which can also be able to be easily modified to accommodate the requirements of each customer’s request

Xpanda Cold Storage is a compact yet spacious storing coolroom unit. It can be arranged to provide a large open space, enabling it to cater to more storage. It can be upgraded into several sizes according to the buyers’ request; which is highly influenced by the companies’ storage needs to accommodate the products. There are many possible modifications and configurations using 20ft, 20ft HC, 40ft, 40ft HC. 

This allows customers to configure their cold storage using refrigerated containers of various sizes. Starting with a compact 20ft, one foot taller 20ft HC, a 40ft that provides a bigger space, and a 9,6 feet high 40ft HC.

XPanda Reefer functions as most refrigerated containers. It is used to store temperature-sensitive goods with various modifications that add advantages to it. It can be added with additional cooling machines that will boost its refrigeration function to preserve the items inside the unit longer, especially highly perishable products such as medicines and foods. 

This product is primarily utilized to store perishable items such as food products like fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and dairy products as well as non-food products such as flower, medicine etc, in large amounts without affecting their quality. 

The unit is highly adjustable for both its sizes and refrigeration units to accommodate the need for a refrigerated container in an existing warehouse or vacant land. Various other uses of this type of cold storage complex container range from food and beverage storage and manufacturing, farming, and breweries, material testing to holding events and festivals.

This unit can cover various temperature coverage according to the buyers’ specific needs that keep the loads preserved to their highest quality. Some cooling machines with high efficiency offered are Daikin with the temperature range of -30°C to 30°C, Carrier Primeline with the temperature range of -35°C to 30°C, and Thermoking Magnum+ with the temperature range of -40°C to 30°C.

With the temperature coverage, this unit will endure extreme climate conditions. For special applications, the thermo king super freezer machine can be fitted,  enabling temperatures down to -70C.

This type of refrigerated container is equipped with basic features that keep the temperature inside the box regulated. The cooling machine in this unit is composed of an air circulation fan, a T-Bar floor, stainless steel wall panels, and a dehumidification system.

These expandable refrigerated complexes can be fitted with flat floors, lighting, escape hatches, person trapped alarm and internal racking. Furthermore, XPanda Reefer also allows the users to control the container’s temperature, ventilation, and humidity level placed at the front part.

This product just like other refrigerated container products is manufactured based on the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. Given the outstanding features in this unit, it makes the product a reliable choice for cold storage as it can be customized to meet the buyers’ diverse needs’.

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