Carrier Primeline

The Carrier PrimeLine Machine is a maritime-leaning cooling machine specially designed for the maritime sector. The machine is crafted with high efficiency, making it environmentally friendly, especially with the digital scroll compressor. Given the features, this type of container refrigeration unit is designed for top performance in terms of energy efficiency, lifestyle cost, environment, and capacity.

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Carrier Primeline for Maritime Sector

This type of cooling machine reduces cost in fuel spending with its high efficiency. It provides a regulated refrigeration system with its digital scroll technology producing seamless operation. A digital scroll compressor provides a high unloading capacity and evaporator that formed condenser coils. It is also equipped with high-efficiency vane-axial evaporator fans with a refrigerant receiver that has AI-coated steel for ultimate corrosion prevention. Its electronic expansion valve with deep-frozen capacity keeps a regulated temperature. 

The Carrier Primeline unit’s efficiency is attributed, primarily, to its significantly advanced digital scroll compressor – the only one on the market designed for R-134a in a container application. Exceptional efficiency results from its digital modulation (unloading), which minimizes energy usage, and its vapor injection system, which delivers more cooling capacity.

The Carrier PrimeLine comes with time-tested carrier reliability that reduces life-cycle costs and energy use, resulting in a lower maintenance cost. 

The product is equipped with Micro-Link® 3 controller which provides reliability, interchangeability, and accuracy. It has a high energy efficiency given an advanced dehumidification control of up to 50% relative humidity within various temperature reach.

Moreover, a modified evaporator coil provides better air exchange and enhances overall performance while the compressor and receiver are covered with aluminized coatings to add endurance to corrosion.

The Carrier Primeline provides better performance and has more pulldown energy than its opponents. Electronic expansion valve units and Micro-Link® 3 regulate a controlled temperature within a temperature reach of +/- 0.25°C. It is also armed with solid dehumidification capability and deep-frozen capacity. 

The Carrier Primeline unit offers ample cooling space that produces exceptional cooling power, given the outstanding performance of its digital modulation that works efficiently to reduce energy usage and shorten the period of vapor injection system; which produces faster pulldown.  

With faster pulldown, it reduces power loss since the vapor injection system begins compressor cycling sooner. 

Additionally, the Carrier PrimeLINE units have a stellar deep-frozen capacity among R-134a units with temperature reach up to -31°F ( -35°C); which is partially generated from its electronic expansion valve.

The Carrier Primeline features an aerospace-inspired evaporator fan, stator, and lighter, more efficient 3-phase motor; an optimized condenser fan adds to improve efficiency. They produce a robust performance that is also highly energy efficient.

The cooling machine’s reliable performance is supported by its internal partitions such as a water-cooled condenser system, dehumidification control, low-position air-exchange control, and fresh-air vent position sensor.

Convenient features such as removable front service panels, forklift pockets, and TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers, International Road Transport) compliant add to its vigorous performance. 

Free-flowing air exchange is generated from its condenser coil which is added with Carrier’s time-tested and patented electrocoating process. 

The Carrier Primeline unit is assembled with an upright control system by adding cool, heat, defrost, in-range alarm indicator lights, suction and discharge temperature sensors and pressure transducers, automatic and manual defrost, backlit LCD display, energy-saving, economy mode evaporator motor logic, pressure-limiting feature

It is manufactured in a way that it can significantly reduce power usage without affecting its air exchange system, making it suitable for marine-based shipment that requires longer controlled temperatures. Thus, the Carrier Primeline sets efficiency to new highs and environmental mishaps to new lows.

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