Blast Freezer

Blast freezers are currently in high demand globally and are particularly popular in industries where fast cooling processes are required to preserve a product’s initial quality. There are several sizes of blast freezers available including 20', 20' High Cube (HC), and 40' High Cube (HC).

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Blast Freezer

Blast Freezer Reefer Containers USA for Sale & Rent

Therefore, this type of product plays a critical role in the modern food supply chain for it provides a cost-effective distribution. Tradecorp Blast Freezer is the perfect pick if you are looking for a blast freezer that can also be able to be easily modified to cater to the requirements of each customer.

Tradecorp’s Blast Freezers are equipped with multiple cooling machines making them capable of rapid freezing at temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F). They can be integrated with the Xpanda Reefer Complex, the integration allows for a stable temperature throughout the complex.

As a result, goods can be shifted effortlessly to multiple locations within the complex all the while ensuring that the quality of the goods is not compromised. Tradecorp’s reefer containers significantly prevent the risk of bacterial contamination and spoilage of goods, Maintaining the quality of stored foods and ensuring the end users’ safe consumption.

Tradecorp Blast Freezer is assembled with three types of cooling machines such as Daikin, Carrier Primeline, and Thermoking Magnum+. Daiki has a temperature range of -30°C (-22°F) to 30°C (22°F), Carrier Primeline with the temperature range of -35°C (-31 °F) to 30°C (22°F), and Thermoking Magnum+ with the temperature range of -40°C (-40 °F)  to 30°C (22°F).

In many instances, temperature reach is diverse for different brands. The lower the bottom temperature in a cooling machine and the many additional this freezers unit put into the refrigerated container complex the better it is to preserve the product inside them.

Tradecorp’s Blast Freezer is available in three sizes:

  1. 20’ = 20’ (6 m) L x  8’ (2,4 m) W x 8.6’(2,6m ) H,
  2. 20’HC = 20’ (6 m) L x  8’ (2,4 m) W x 9.6’ (2,9 m) H
  3. 40’HC = 40’ (12 m) L , 8’ (2,4 m) W, and 8.6’ (2,6 m) H

All three reefer sizes can be customized with flat floors, lighting, escape hatches, person trapped alarm, and internal racking.

Both the 20′ and 20’HC blast freezer units are equipped with two cooling machines allowing for rapid freezing. The units are capable of maintaining a steady temperature during long-distance shipping. Thus, making it an ideal choice for transporting temperature-sensitive payloads.

The 40′ HC blast freezers are equipped with 5 cooling machines and are the perfect solution for transporting large quantities of perishable goods by keeping them fresh at a specific temperature. The product is well suited for Industries that require bulk payloads as the extra height accommodates the larger storage requirement.

Aside from the multiple cooling machines, Tradecorp’s Freezers are equipped with the same basic features that come with their standard refrigerated containers. The cooling machines are composed of an air circulation fan, T-Bar flooring, stainless steel wall panels, and a dehumidification system. 

Tradecorp Blast Freezer is highly adaptable for both its sizes and refrigeration units to the need for a refrigerated container in an existing warehouse or vacant land. Ensure the quality and freshness of your stored and transported products along with the satisfaction of your customers by providing your business with one of these freezers types for faster, more reliable freezing.   

Tradecorp Blast Freezer, similar to other types of refrigerated container products is produced in compliance with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. Given the convincing features in this unit, it makes the product a no-brainer choice for cold storage as it can be customized to cover the buyers’ various purposes’.

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